Our Workshops

Participants educated

During our workshops you will learn how to make your own hand-made soap. You will be given an introduction on the process as well as on aromatherapy.

Soap will be made through the so called cold process. What does it mean? It means that the soap that they will produce will need a 4-5 weeks to cure before it can be used. 

You will have plenty of opportunities to get creative with colors and shapes as well.

The whole workshop last approximately 3hrs.

You can find our upcoming workshops here

Our workshops are in English.

We host workshops both in Odense and in Copenhagen. Make sure to see when the next one is happening. Each participant will be able to take home approximately 250gr of soap each, that is between 3-5 soap depending on the shape you choose.

You will be in charge of the outcome of your soap. Do you wanna get creative and learn a new skill?