About Us

Who we are

We are two friends who are very passionate about sustainability and ecology. We believe that we can contribute to these two objectives by creating personal hygiene products that are completely organic and fully customisable.

Our backgrounds are diverse – spreading from chemistry and business economics and entrepreneurship, including interculturality, marketing and research. Yet, we believe that the unique combination of our fields provides the perfect ground for creating the best possible products for you.

Our team is composed by Rodrigo and Piero. You can see photos of on this page.

If you are interested, or you want to learn more please contact us on info@customiseme.dk


To change the cosmetic industry flipping it's current model: we want to put the customer at the center co-creating with them their products.


To educate customers on the benefits of using natural and plant based ingredients in their personal hygienic products.


We are passionate about sustainability, plant based ingredients and no-packaging for our products.

Rewards and recognitions

On June 2021, we launched our crowdfunding campaign and in August we were able to get it fully funded. You can find it clicking on the titlle above.

In June 2020, we were lucky to be one of the recipients of the Microgrant from the fond for entrepreneurship. This allowed us to start developing our idea further.